ryan jay bagaygay@ 7:42am 08-28-2008
Mijela landazabal@ 2:41pm 06-04-2008
Hi A.D. Achurra.When I saw Lola Tilde She looked very old and I was still very young,I just remembered her as a strict looking lady,I don't know when she died ,but, I know that Lola Nena died in 1958,about the same time as Pres.Ramon Magsaysay died as my father used to tell me .It is a pity that my dad died in 2006,otherwise,he could have answered a lot of your questions.Nevertheless,it's good to hear from you.
A. D. Achurra@ 1:42pm 05-24-2008
This message is to Mijela Landazabal. I am excited to know about my grandpa Manuel sister Antonina. I was born in Cavite City. When I was a little boy i remember seeing both of my granpa's brothers Lolo Cito and Lolo Romancito, but i never saw Lola Matilde and Lola Antonina. I also heard that one of the sisters is a midwife by profession. I can't recall which one of them. I am now living in San Diego, CA. So if you have the time e-mail me. Looking forward to meet you and your family. . . . . . . . Sincerely, Tito
Mijela landazabal@ 2:38am 05-21-2008
hello,I'm so excited to see this.My name is Mijela Achurra Bagaygay landazabal Liliza,My grand mother is
Antonina Achurra from Sara who was married to Restituto
Bagaygay.I'm right now here in Houston Texas,but I grew up in Sara,Iloilo.I still have the pictures of Lola Nena and Lolo Toto and I bet you my 2 sisters and brother will be so excited once they get hold of this.I have a lot of cousins there in Cerritos CA who are grandchildren,too, of Lola Nena .Thanks for this very thoughtful gesture.I hope we can all get acquainted.
Jonathan Salumbides@ 11:26pm 04-10-2008
I still remember Lola Josefa which is my Lola Asuncion's Mom. My Dad is Jaime Achurra Salumbides and we grew up in Makati but now residing in Arizona. When I was young I met some of their relatives visiting from Ilo-ilo. Lola Nena passed away in Las Vegas and my lola Asuncion Passed away in Makati. I remember lolo Amado, Lola Nena. Most of our relatives are from Ilo-ilo, Bacolod,GenSan and Negros.
Mariter Achurra Te@ 9:14am 03-31-2008
hello. my name is Mariter Achurra - Te, sister of Mary Ann Achurra - Catindig. Its very interesting to trace our roots and hopefully we will all get acquainted. Im am currently living in Cebu City. Mostly, my cousins are based in Bacolod City, Talisay City, Sagay City, Negros Occidental.
graceachurragonzalez@ 8:51pm 03-22-2008
hi! we should be cousins coz my dads name is amado villegas achurra married to henrietta luntao from ilo-ilo. if you know malou shes my older sister. im also trying to trace our roots coz if we can prove that we are of spanish descent we can get spanish citizenship. hope to hear from you. thanks
Mary Ann Achurra@ 4:50pm 10-31-2007
Hello, my name is Mary Ann Conlu Achurra Catindig, I am the daughter of Antonio Villegas Achurra, and Elena Escanilan Conlu Achurra. My grandfather is Paquito Acuesta Achurra, married to Salud Villegas Achurra. My great-grandfather is Antonia Achurra, married to Josefa Acuesta Achurra. The children of Antonio Achurra and Josefa Acuesta Achurra is Paquito, Angeling, Nena, Estrella Danao, Asuncion, Amado, Pepito. My grandfather Paquito has 9 children, Amado, Anita, Antonio(my father), Alma, Alexandro, Azalea, Azucena, Alegra, Arturo. My father had 5 children, Antonio Achuraa Jr., Marelen Achurra Caberto, Mary Ann Achurra Catindig(me), Mariter Achurra Te, and Jesus "Jie" Antonio Achurra. We are residing in Cebu, but my great-grandfather as far as i know came from Iloilo cityl, Panay Island, Philippines. My grand father and my father they grew up in Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines where you could still find most of the relatives. Now I am living in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and one sister Marelen is in California, while the rest still reside in Cebu City. We are trying to find out the father of Antonio Achurra who is married to Josefa Acuesta Achurra.
elizabeth and ayona@ 10:51pm 10-05-2007
hey cant beleive its jaelyn samboy and her family . oh my gosh
i am not a family meber but we are good friends of the best of luck.we definitly now jaelyn samboy
Erick@ 10:19am 09-23-2007
Great research. I am starting one myself and still a long way to go. I came about your site looking for chavacano speaking caviteño. Hope you can register in the forum i just created and share the language. I hope to keep it alive and eventually restor it to its full glory as a spoken language. If you are interested, please see here muchos gracias
denise@ 10:37am 09-18-2007
interesting coincidence. my great great grandfather Patricio Alcantara used to plant sugar in Sara, Iloilo. It was a big family given the feudal way things ran back then. He was probabaly somewhat related to Carmen Alcantara. He would have been alive from the late 19th century (18xx) to the early 20th century. My aunty says the Alcantaras were from Cavite or southern tagalog who migrated to Panay and staked claim to the the land. I probabaly ought to clarify that, they might have mixed it up. anyway, thanks for posting this.
Michael A. Achurra@ 12:04pm 06-29-2007
My name is Michael Allen Achurra. Wow, I never realized how many more Achurra's there were. This is exciting, I live in Portland Oregon but I was born in Seattle. I am third generation in America.
Tiffany Niebuhr@ 6:31pm 01-15-2007
Heyy !! i was just puttin in every name of every one in the class and i put in carolyn achurra and this is what came up ...loll well tell ik carolynn achurra ...obviuosly and just thought id send a message loll well xoxo ~ Tiffany Niebuhr
mongee paula gerardo@ 5:50am 12-28-2006
Hi, I'm Noel Achurra Mercader, am too is an Achurra by heart that was hailed by Roman Alcantara Achurra from nowhere, married to Luisa Tabarangao Latshaw, currently residing at 8729 Morales Compound Daraga, Albay, son of Remedios Latshaw Achurra Mercader listed above. Hello! Nice meeting you all,contact me, regards, see you in person, bye! Ps. sorry just use my neice email.
marion@ 12:51pm 12-23-2006
hi! this site is cool, hmm i dont know if im really related to you guys but im achurra too, i live in laguna philippines, i have my grandfather name antontio achurra (deceased)he's an army here in philippines, ring any bells? give me an email please

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