Kathleen Achurra@ 10:13pm 05-11-2009
Hello Relatives!

I'm sure we are all related somehow.

I am the daughter of the late Col. Antonio Villaluz Achurra. He was raised in Negros Occidental. I was only 16 when he passed away and rarely got to know my relatives on his side. I'm leaving a message here to reach out to my long lost relatives in Negros. I know that I have an Aunties Lourdes Lacson and Tita Trening. They are sisters of my father. Email me at if you know how I can reach them. Thanks!
Ralph P. Achurra@ 9:08am 03-28-2009
Hi, I tried searching were really my surname started... Im 25 years old from marikina. I really dont know who is my grandfather but my father and my grandmother was from ilo-ilo city or I think bacolod. A little bit confused because my father, Randy Achurra and my grandmother Eva Barrientos Achurra havent told me anything who really my relatives are on my grandfathers side... You can reach me thru my mobile # 09284471491
MARIAN RABAYA ALESNA@ 5:22pm 03-21-2009
This is for Marelen Caberto. Len i've been looking for ways to get in touch with you. I'm so glad i found this guestbook. Please call me @ 9179741307 if you don't mind. I would love to talk to you again.
Achurra cora bella@ 7:06am 02-03-2009
nice, blog your very lucky because there are many achurra families are still spreading the essence of love to ane another, but we just like you to meet us , we are the achurra family from the banga south cotabato philippines my father is bonifacio villalobos achurra son of resurection villalobos from ajoy sara ilo-ilo married to teresita beljica achurra from barotac nuevo ilo-ilo city and they have four siblings named allan achurra the eldest one then followed by cora bella achurra asuero and then henry achurra and lastly the youngest one is unilyn achurra navares, however there are also a lot of achurra family in ilo-ilo city and hope that achurra family would be the biggest clan of all nation by this web site and hope to see you soon. but if you are also aware and wish to call us our telephone number is 083-552-5808 or you could also try to text me at this number-09293537946-and i'm cora or also call 083-239-1608 and look for henry achurra or unilyn achurra or any achurra thank you and God bless for all the ahurra family
Ramon S. Conlu Jr.@ 3:17am 01-31-2009
Hi there,

I'm Ramon S. Conlu, Jr. and I'm a distant relative of Mariter Achurra-Te and Mary Ann Achurra-Catindig. May I ask for their e-mail addresses? Thank you very much.
Jolan Aizpuru@ 7:00pm 01-25-2009
Nice website. I started mine in 1998, & mine is very simple.
pls visit . Thank you for giving ideas on how to redesign my sites
Manuel (Bebot) Bunci@ 7:12pm 01-06-2009
Hello Ariel. I notice your middle name is "Buncio". We are the Buncio/Brroyo's of Bacolod. Who is your Mom? Who are her parents? the original Buncio's ar from Manapla, Negros Occidental. Please respond via email with pic. FYI MB
rolie bagaygay@ 11:41pm 11-17-2008
my dad is restituto achurra bagaygay jr. anyone who is interested to know his wellbeing ,please keep intouch. he is living with my sister at cerritos, CA. he is very active but hardly talk about his roots. my phone number is 562-764-6868
rolie bagaygay@ 11:07pm 11-17-2008
this message is for mijela bagaygay. i,m rolie bagaygay grandson of lolo toto and lola nena. my dad is restie bagaygay jr. and we just visited sara iloilo with my dad looking for any relative that i could get in touch. we are 9 brother and sister, all living at cerritos and frisco area. i ,m so proud taking my picture with my last name at sara. please get in touch.
Aiko Mendoza@ 3:15am 11-11-2008
Hi to all! My name is Aiko Achurra Mendoza, I'm daughter of Jocelyn Achurra Vitug and grand-daughter of Roman Latshaw Achurra. I'm living here in Manila. I'm so interested to meet everyone in ACHURRA FAMILY! please contact me: Please to meet you all! Godbless everyone!^_^
ian achurra@ 11:58am 10-03-2008
hi im an achurra too.
Ariel Bryan Achurra@ 11:15am 09-10-2008
Good day!
it's Clan Achurra at Facebook.
Ariel Bryan Achurra@ 11:06am 09-10-2008
Good Day to all!
My full name is Ariel Bryan Buncio Achurra.
I am 22 yrs old. currently residing in Trece Martires City, Cavite.
I was born at Bacolod City , Negros Occidental, Philippines
and i know that almost all of my relatives came from iloilo and bacolod.
its nice to know that there are many Achurra's around the world.and i think someone is trying to figure out who are all the Achurra's in the world.
check him out at facebook (Achurra Clan).my brother just told me but i haven't check it out yet.
God bless us all!!!
Ray Reyes@ 1:44am 09-10-2008
Hope all is well with you and entire family. We had tried to get hold of family during your Mom was ailing. All of our phone numbers and addresses seems outdated and never heard from you. Ate Mina's address are not updated.
Kindly update me via e-mail or phone 650.892.0510.
Best Regards,
Ray 'Jun' Reyes
ps: send me Jun-jun, Cora's, Tessie's and Rolly e-mail addresses if possible.

Daniel Catindig@ 8:29am 09-04-2008
My name is Daniel Achurra Catindig. Son of Mary Ann Conlu Achurra. I currently live in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Born December 19 1983 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Have a brother Ryan Ross Achurra Catindig and Sister Mary Ellen Achurra Catindig. My Sons name is Jalen Jacob Yan Catindig. Nice to meet Everyone.

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